Silicon Deep RIE System RIE-400iPB
Novel low-cost system for R&D


The RIE-400iPB is an inductively coupled plasma discharge machine for high speed silicon deep drilling in the Bosch process for MEMS and electronic components. The RIE-800iPB has been modified for research and development purposes. This system is licensed from Robert Bosch GmbH (Germany) and is capable of high speed and high anisotropic etching of silicon required for MEMS and TSV.

Key Features and Benefits

High speed silicon deep drilling is possible.
It has a unique plasma source and reactor structure to support the Bosch process, which enables fast and deep drilling of silicon.

Maintain speed and reduce scallop
By switching the gas at high speed, the scallop can be reduced while maintaining the etching rate.

Etching of SiO₂ is possible.
It is possible to process SiO₂ by replacing it with a dedicated ICP coil.


Manufacture of MEMS (acceleration sensors, gyroscopes, pressure sensors, actuators, etc.)

Processing of medical devices such as μTAS