A Better Tomorrow Driven by Thin Film Technology

Samco is committed to further growth and maximizing its corporate value by prioritizing "Thin Film Technology" as its core area of expertise. In order to satisfy the trust and expectations of our stakeholders, we are dedicated to fulfilling our social responsibility through our business activities and contributing to the achievement of a society that inspires dreams and the advancement of industrial science on a global scale. We eagerly anticipate your sustained support in the coming times.

Management Policy

01 Provide original thin film technology, based on employee creativity, to the global market.
02 Through our direct sales strategy, promptly provide market-driven products to meet the needs of our customers.
03 Target the creation of high added value to fulfill our social role of distributing appropriate outcomes to shareholders, business partners, directors, and employees.

Code of Conduct

Courage Courage is an attitude characterized by proactive engagement with a positive disposition. We hold in high esteem the sentiment of willingly embracing challenges without succumbing to the fear of potential failure.
Creativity Creativity is the ability to utilize one's wisdom and knowledge to fabricate objects and mechanisms that do not currently exist in the world. The scale of the creation is of no consequence, as even small daily creations can prove invaluable in navigating challenging times in the future.
Diligence Diligence is a disposition of persistent and uncomplicated exertions. In order to generate something novel, one must possess knowledge of the existing world. This necessitates a perpetual pursuit of learning.

Company Profile

Trade Name Samco Inc.
Chairman & CEO Osamu Tsuji
President & COO Tsukasa Kawabe
Establishment September 1, 1979
Headquarters 36 Waraya-cho, Takeda, Fushimi-ku
Kyoto, 612-8443, Japan
Capital 1663 million JPY
Sales 7,830 million JPY (Fiscal Year Ended on July 31, 2023)
Employees 175 (As of July 31, 2023)
Stock Code 6387 Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market
Products ▼Deposition
・PECVD System
・LSCVD System
・ALD System
・Reactive Ion Etching System
・ICP Etching System
・Si Deep Reactive Ion Etching System
・XeF2 Etching System
▼Surface Treatment
・Aqua Plasma Cleaner
・Plasma Cleaner
・UV Ozone Cleaner

Board of Management

Board Members
Osamu Tsuji Chairman & CEO
Tsukasa Kawabe President & COO
Haruhiko Yamashita Managing Director, Executive Officer, Production
Shozo Miyamoto Director, Executive Officer, Accounting and Administration
Kiyoshi Sato Director, Executive Officer, Sales
Masanori Murakami Outside Director
Hidemi Takasu Outside Director
Shizuo Fujita Outside Director
Shigeru Tsujimura Full-time Auditor
Takayuki Kimura Outside Auditor
Masahiro Nishio Outside Auditor
Managing Executive Officers
Shinichi Toyama Sales
Executive Officers
Shinichi Motoyama R&D
Kazuo Matsude International Sales
Yuji Esaki Purchasing
Henry Chan U.S. Operations
Yoshinobu Uesugi International Sales

Intellectual Property

Japanese Patents 160
Overseas Patents 52
Japanese Trademarks 33