Liquid Source CVD Systems

The Liquid Source CVD Systems is a low-temperature (80 ~ 400°C), high-rate (>300 nm/min) plasma enhanced CVD system for R&D. Samco's unique LSCVD system uses self-bias deposition techniques and a TEOS to deposit SiO2 films with low stress, from thin films to extremely thick films (up to 100 µm).

Key Features and Benefits

LSCVD features a unique plasma-enhanced CVD technique which utilizes a liquid TEOS source and allows deposition of stress-free SiO2 films at temperatures from 80~300°C. The strong sheath electrical field surrounding the cathode-coupled sample stage generates a high level of ion energy, which enables the deposition of silicon oxide films with low internal stress, from thin films to thick films (up to 100 μm). Furthermore, LSCVD™'s films are incredibly conformal, and the ability to deposit in high aspect holes makes the system uniquely suited to TSV and MEMS applications.

FAQs about Liquid Source CVD Systems

What is the difference between conventional anode-coupled CVD systems and cathode-coupled CVD systems that utilize self bias voltage?
The difference is the position of the sample relative to the RF powered electrode. Cathode-coupled CVD systems make maximum use of self-bias voltage by placing the sample on the cathode electrode instead of the anode electrode.
Why LSCVD is needed for TSV processes?
Semiconductor technologies have been developing in accordance with Moore's Law. However, once the line width decreased to 22 nm, it becomes difficult to downsize the line width further. Now, a new technology called TSV (Through Silicon Via) gets attention. TSV is the technology used to connect circuit chips in 3 dimensions. TSV requires low-temperature deposition of high-coverage insulating film. SiH4 is generally used to deposit SiO2 film, but is not safe as because it is toxic and explosive. samco-ucp has been working on an alternative to SiH4, Liquid Source TEOS, for more than 20 years.

The LSCVD system is the plasma CVD system that uses Liquid Source as a precursor. TEOS is easier and safer SiH4 to handle yet can create as good a film as SiH4. LSCVD system can deposit not only SiO2 film but also DLC films by using hydrocarbon liquid monomer as a precursor.LSCVD with cathode coupling method is samco's unique technology. Cathode coupling vaporizes liquid source and utilizes ions effectively. The high electric field on the cathode enables good control on film stress and density by its fine control of ion energy, and achieves great coverage. Additionally, cathode coupling enables low-temperature deposition as self bias collects ions, facilitating film deposition.