ICP-RIE Plasma Etching System RIE-400iPC
Space-saving Production System


High-density plasma etching system uses an inductively coupled plasma as the discharge form. This system is equipped with a vacuum cassette chamber and is a full-scale production system with excellent process repeatability and stability. This system is dedicated for small-diameter wafers such as 4-inch diameter, and can be installed in a minimum cleanroom space.

Key Features and Benefits

New ICP Source "HSTC™: Hyper Symmetrical Tornado Coil

High RF power (2 kW or more) can be applied efficiently and stably, and good uniformity is achieved.

High Flow Exhaust System

The exhaust system directly connected to the reaction chamber enables a wide range of process windows from small flow and low pressure ranges to large flow and high pressure ranges.

Endpoint monitoring

Interferometric and emission spectroscopic endpoint monitors are available for endpoint detection at the target film thickness.

Easy-maintainance design

The TMP (turbomolecular pump) has been integrated into a unit for easy replacement.


High-precision processing of compound semiconductors such as GaN, GaAs, InP, etc.

High-speed processing of SiC and SiO₂

Etching of ferroelectrics (PZT, BST, SBT, SBT), electrode materials (Pt, Au, Ru, Al) and other difficult-to-etch materials