ICP-RIE Plasma Etching System RIE-230iPC
Versatile vacuum cassette system


The RIE-230iPC is a cassette type ICP etching system that uses an inductively coupled plasma as the discharge type to perform ultra-fine processing of various materials at high speed. This system efficiently generates stable, high-density plasma by employing a unique tornado-type coil electrode to enable high-precision anisotropic etching of silicon and various metal thin films and compound semiconductors. In addition, the ø230mm tray enables simultaneous processing of many compound semiconductors.

Key Features and Benefits

Tornado coil electrodes

It can efficiently generate stable, high-density plasma, enabling high selectivity, high accuracy and good uniformity in etching.

Low damage process

High-density plasma generation by ICP enables a low-bias, low-damage process.

Temperature control

ESC and He cooling of the stage and temperature control of the inner side wall of the reaction chamber allow etching under stable conditions.


High-precision processing of compound semiconductors such as GaN, GaAs, InP, etc.

Processing of difficult-to-etch materials such as ferroelectrics and electrode materials.