16 September 2020

Samco launches new PECVD and ALD facility to support growth of deposition and coating business

Samco, a leading manufacturer of plasma processing equipment for the compound semiconductor industry, has announced the opening of its new Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition (PECVD) and Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) demonstration facility at Samco's headquarters, Kyoto.

new PECVD and ALD facility.jpg

The class 1000 cleanroom space of 217.61 square metres

Samco's PECVD and ALD equipment are widely used in the manufacturing of optoelectronic and electronic devices. The positive outlook and the rapid growth of the 5G & IoT markets have fueled demand for PECVD and ALD process equipment for fabrication of communication devices and semiconductor lasers.

"This new facility is of strategic importance to Samco as it will enable further revenue growth in the compound semiconductor market. There will be ten PECVD and ALD systems for demonstration in the class 1000 cleanroom space of 217.61 m2," says Tsukasa Kawabe, Samco's President and COO.

"The facility will greatly strengthen our ability to develop future process applications and technologies with our customers across the globe. The volume of demonstration tests requested by customers that can be handled is expected to be more than double the current level. Moreover, our customers and partners could collaborate with us in prototyping and pilot-line production utilizing the new facility," he adds. "In particular, we are planning on conducting joint research and development projects with universities, research institutes, companies, and other external parties more aggressively than ever."

Samco was founded in 1979 as a specialized manufacturer of PECVD equipment and in recent years has significantly expanded the sales of dry etching equipment for demanding applications, mostly for the compound semiconductor market.

"Samco's three pillars of core technology are deposition, etching, and surface cleaning. We will leverage this new facility to further expand sales of the PECVD and ALD systems," says Kawabe.