5 November 2020

Samco Supplies Konka Group Co., with ICP Etching and PECVD Systems for the Production of MicroLEDs


Samco, a leading manufacturer of plasma processing equipment for the compound semiconductor industry, announced that Konka Group Co., Ltd. based in Shenzhen, China had installed multiple Samco systems for the production of MicroLEDs.

Konka Group Co., Ltd. is a leading Chinese electronics manufacturer focused on creating high performance, high-value digital home entertainment products. Key product categories include televisions, appliances, AIOT, mobile and wireless communications.

Samco is a leading plasma processing company in the field of wide bandgap (WBG) semiconductor materials such as silicon carbide (SiC), gallium nitride (GaN), gallium arsenide (GaAs), and indium phosphide (InP). Samco has an extensive delivery record of Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) etching and Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition (PECVD) systems for this field, especially for LEDs in Taiwan. Samco has a nearly 60% share in the Taiwanese LED processing market and gained rich experience, knowledge, and capability in LED fabrications from its operations there.

Micro Crystal Transfer Group Ltd., which is British business enterprise with an experienced professional technical team in the field of LED and semiconductor, has selected Samco's ICP etching systems and PECVD system for Konka's MicroLED fabrication.

"Our goal is to provide customers with the most enabling etching and deposition solutions," says Tsukasa Kawabe, President and COO of Samco. "We are pleased that Konka and Micro Crystal Transfer Group selected our reliable systems for MicroLED production. Samco will keep supporting Konka and Micro Crystal Transfer Group in their research and development of their newly developed MicroLEDs production line."

About Samco Inc.

Samco Inc. (TSE: 6387), a leading manufacturer of plasma processing equipment for the compound semiconductor industry, was founded in Kyoto, Japan in 1979 with the meaning of Semiconductor And Materials COmpany. Over the past 40 years, more than 4,000 Samco systems have been installed and used in 30 defferent countries. Its equipment and thin film technology are widely used in fabrications of semiconductor devices, including MicroLEDs, Laser Diodes, VCSELs, SiC Power Devices, GaN RF Devices, BAW/SAW Filters, MEMS, TSVs, and so on.

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