11 September 2020

Visit Samco's Booth at SEMICON Taiwan 2020

Date : 23-25 September 2020
Location : TWTC Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1, Taipei, Taiwan
Booth: M0438, Floor 4
Link: http://www.semicontaiwan.org/en/

As a process innovator of compound semiconductor materials such as SiC, GaN, GaAs, and InP, Samco joins Taiwan's largest microelectronics trade show every year to communicate with customers who are looking for advanced processing technology for microelectronics manufacturing. This year we will focus on etching and deposition process solutions for GaN MicoLEDs, SiC Power Devices, GaAs VCSELs, InP Lasers, and TSVs. Moreover, we will show newly developed Aqua Plasma™, water vaper vased plasma, solutions such as oxidized metal surface reduction, room remperature bonding of resin, superhydrophilization, and ashing.

As we aim to expand further into the Taiwanese market, our booth will focus on the rapidly-growing compound semiconductor market, as well as showcase the latest data for ICP etching, plasma enhanced CVD, and more.

SEMICON Taiwan Booth 2020.png