Copper and silver are getting more interest as materials of electrodes in microelectronics packaging in order to reduce material cost. Even though plasma cleaning using O2, Ar or H2 is one of the key processes in back-end community, there are some process challenges. O2 plasma causes surface oxidation and deteriorates brightness of leadframe. Ar sputtering causes redeposition of the metal particles. Furthermore, installation of H2 plasma process in production line is accompanied by potential safety issue.


As a process solution of metal surface cleaning in device packaging, Samco provides H2O-based plasma cleaning processes which called as Aqua Plasma. The picture on the right shows a copper-made coin before and after Aqua Plasma cleaning. Oxidized layer was removed using H2O-based plasma treatment which is specially developed by Samco. and the surface showed intrinsic color of copper. As seen in the picture, copper leadframe can be cleaned in Aqua Plasma without surface oxidation and redeposition of copper particles. This unique process solution is exclusive for Samco H2O-based plasma cleaners.