Si Sacrificial Layer Etching System VPE-4F
Compact benchtop system


VPE-4F is an XeF₂ etching system mainly for the etching of the Si sacrificial layer for fabrication of MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) devices. This dry process avoids the destruction of devices due to stiction, which is a problem in the wet process, and eliminates the need for pretreatment and post-processing in the wet process. It is also a tabletop type and very compact in design.

Key Features and Benefits

Dry process with no electrical damage

Since no plasma is used, there is no damage (electron or ion impact) to the device due to the electric field.

Control of the etching rate

Intermittent gas flow and etching allows for easy control of the etching speed and the amount of gas used.


It is a desktop type device with a small installation space. In addition, since it is a dedicated machine, it boasts high cost performance.


Si Sacrificial layer etching during the formation of MEMS