for precise depth control


The RIE-400iP Atomic Layer Etching (ALE) system is an advanced and versatile tool designed for precise and controlled etching processes at the atomic scale. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, the RIE-400iP ALE enables researchers and engineers to achieve atomic-level precision in etching various materials. The system employs the Atomic Layer Etching method, ensuring highly uniform and reproducible results.

Key Features and Benefits

Robust, Fast-switching Gas Input Valve

Stable and robust ALD valve for ALE process

New ICP Source "HSTC™: Hyper Symmetrical Tornado Coil

High RF power (2 kW or more) can be applied efficiently and stably, and good uniformity is achieved.

High Flow Exhaust

The exhaust system directly connected to the reaction chamber enables a wide range of process windows from small flow and low pressure ranges to large flow and high pressure ranges.

Endpoint monitoring

It is compatible with both interferometric and emission spectroscopic endpoint monitors, enabling endpoint detection at the target film thickness.

Easy-to-maintain design

The TMP (turbomolecular pump) and high-frequency power supply are integrated into the unit for easy replacement.


Recess etching for GaN HEMT

p-GaN/AlGaN high selectivity ratio etching

2D materials etching

Photonic crystal etching

Low rate and low damage etching


Interferometric endpoint monitor

High-precision endpoint detection is possible, and the etching depth can be controlled to the desired depth.