Excellent uniformity in ø6"

Trench etching of SiO2 using RIE-10NR

SiO2 etch rate: 18 nm/min

Etching depth: 540 nm

Selectivity (SiO2 /PR) : 0.83

Trench etching of SiO2 is achieved while maintaining the angle of the resist sidewalls. The depth is 540 nm and the selectivity to resist is 0.8 ~ 1.0. Microtrenching is prevented. In addition, time-controlled etching stops enable SiO2 to be etched with little or no etching of the underlying Si.

Uniformity of ±1% (edge exclusion area: 15 mm) is achieved in the etching of SiO2 films on ø6" Si wafers.

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