GaN Trench Etching and Sidewall Angle Control for Vertical Power Device

GaN Trench Etch.jpg

Since gallium nitride (GaN) -based semiconductors, which are widely used in short-wavelength optical devices, have excellent physical properties, they are promising as materials for electronic devices such as power devices and RF devices. Some have already been put into practical use and are already on the market. Development aimed at further increasing performance is gaining momentum year by year, and it is expected that it will be widely adopted in the field of high frequency electronic devices.

For example, it is expected that electronic devices (trench MOS, HEMT, etc.) with high withstand voltage, low ON resistance, and high channel mobility will be realized within the next few years. Figure 1 shows an example of a GaN MOSFET structure adopting a trench structure and a gate recess type GaN HEMT structure.

Samco provides ICP-RIE equipment, CVD equipment and process technology for manufacturing GaN-based light emitting devices. We also provide processes that realize trench formation, mesa formation, etc., that are 4H-SiC high-power device manufacturing processes.

In this technical report, we will introduce a process solution that contributes to the formation of trench structures and recess structures when creating GaN devices.

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