Thermal ALD System AL-1
Pin-hole free films deposition


AL-1 achieves high film thickness control and good step coverage by alternately supplying organometallic raw materials and oxidants to the reaction chamber and depositing the film using only surface reactions. The film thickness can be controlled on the order of atomic layers. In addition, the film can be deposited with good coverage and uniform thickness on the inner wall of the hole with high aspect ratio. Three ø4 inch wafers can be deposited at the same time.

Key Features and Benefits

Good film formation efficiency
By supplying pulses in the order of tens of milliseconds, the loss of raw materials is reduced and the deposition efficiency is improved.

Clean vacuum with less temperature unevenness.
The inner wall heater, which closely adheres to the inner wall of the reaction chamber, suppresses temperature unevenness in the reaction chamber, and a clean vacuum can be obtained.

Pin-hole free film formation
Since multiple precursers are not mixed in the reaction chamber, particles are prevented and a pin-hole free film can be formed.


  • Gate oxide films and passivation films for next-generation power devices
  • Uniform film formation on 3D structures such as MEMS
  • Deposition on the surface of a laser
  • Passivation film of carbon nanotubes