Plasma Enhanced ALD System AD-230LP
Excellent repeatability & stability


The AD-230LP is an Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) system capable of controlling the film thickness at the atomic level. Organometallic raw materials and oxidants are alternately supplied to the reaction chamber and the film is deposited by surface reaction only. This system has a load lock chamber and does not open the reaction chamber to the atmosphere, which enables excellent reproducibility of film deposition.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Uniform layer control at the atomic layer level is possible.
  • Conformal deposition to high aspect ratio structures is possible.
  • It provides excellent in-plane uniformity and reproducibility, and achieves a stable process.
  • The unique reaction chamber structure that optimizes the gas line and gas flow of the raw material suppresses particles.
  • By adopting a capacitively coupled plasma (CCP) system, the reaction chamber volume is minimized, shortening the gas purge time and speeding up one cycle.


  • Formation of nitride film (AlN, SiN) and low-temperature formation of oxide film (AlOx, SiO2)
  • Gate insulators for electronic devices
  • Passivation film for semiconductors, organic EL, etc.
  • Reflective surface of semiconductor laser
  • Deposition on 3D structures such as MEMS
  • Deposition on graphene
  • Coating of protective film powder of carbon nanotube