20 April 2021

Samco sets up demonstration equipments to reinforce its expansion in the European compound semiconductor market

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Samco, a leading manufacturer of plasma processing equipment for the compound semiconductor industry, announced that it has installed a plasma etch system and a UV ozone cleaning system for demonstration at samco-ucp ltd., Samco's European subsidiary, in Liechtenstein.

Europe is the base for many of the world's foremost R&D institutes and universities, including IMEC (Interuniversity Microelectronics Centre) in Belgium, Fraunhofer in Germany, or VTT in Finland. In order to develop the European market and strengthen our customer relationships, the RIE-10NR, the de fact standard plasma etch system for R&D, and the UV-2, a tabletop UV ozone cleaning system, have been set up at samco-ucp ltd. samco-ucp ltd. is located in Liechtenstein, next to Switzerland and easily accessible from the UK, Germany, France, Italy and other European countries.

The RIE-10NR with an installed base of over 400 systems worldwide is a compact, novel, low-cost equipment that can process wafers up to ø200 mm with excellent uniformity--with variable electrode gap configuration, making it ideal for R&D applications with a large process window.

Samco also has a great variety of production systems with reaction chambers based on the same concept for both, research and production customers. The RIE-10NR is used for a wide range of applications such as failure analysis and virus detection devices. Samco's increased presence in Europe represents a commitment to the renewed growth in semiconductor manufacturing in the region. The installation of demonstration systems will allow European customers to grips with our sophisticated systems and try out a range of samples and process parameters.

About samco-ucp ltd.
samco-ucp was founded on June 1, 2014, after Samco and UCP decided to join forces. Prior to this day, both companies were already well known in the thin film and plasma technologies.

About Samco Inc.
Samco Inc. (TSE: 6387), a leading manufacturer of plasma processing equipment for the compound semiconductor industry, was founded by Osamu Tsuji in Kyoto, Japan in 1979 with the meaning of Semiconductor And Materials COmpany. Over the past 40 years, more than 4,000 Samco systems have been installed and used in 30 different countries. Its equipment and thin film technology are widely used in the fabrication of semiconductor devices, including MicroLEDs, Laser Diodes, VCSELs, SiC Power Devices, GaN RF Devices, BAW / SAW Filters, MEMS, TSVs, and so on. Learn more at www.samco.co.jp/en

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